CutNGo is truly an first of its kind tree removal service in SE Wisconsin. This is a brand new concept to help keep properties safe at a reasonable price. Over the past 20 years we have owned one of SE Wisconsin’s greatest full service tree care companies Voss’ Treemendous Tree Service we realized there is a huge need in our industry to supply a service that just removes trees with optional clean-up! Over the past Twenty years and thousands of estimates, the most common statements when giving tree removal estimates were, “ how much to just get the tree on the ground safely”?, “How much can I save if my friend or neighbor will take the wood”, and “ how much can I save if I haul the brush myself”. These are all great questions, but there was never a good answer. We always had to send a full crew in order to get equipment to the job and maintain a safe work place. Now we have developed the perfect answer! CutNGo!!! We have developed the most sophisticated remote control tree removal truck in the industry! We can now send one truck with a highly trained operator to remove your dangerous trees. We base all of our pricing on an hourly rate and mileage from our shop. We also offer full service from our branch of Voss’ Treemendous Tree Service @ Please remember that the tree care industry is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world! Please choose your tree care company carefully. This new advancement in tree removal systems is a huge step I safety and saving lives! Help us spread the word today!!! We have also been safely removing trees and saving our customers huge money at the same time! We are a true locally owned family business owned by Jackie Voss, Dan Voss, and our new addition Willow Joan Voss. Thank you for looking into our company. We look forward to working with all you great customers for many years to come. Jackie, Dan and Willow.